May 13, 2017 – Richmond Community Garage Sale Fundraiser at the Dining Hall
It all started when Cydney Green, 2018 Organizing Committee Chair, simply suggested “we should hold a garage sale as a fundraiser“. And with that the Fairground Dining Hall was booked for May 12-14 as part of the annual village wide garage sale extravaganza. This was followed with a shout out to the community for donations. And the call was heard loud and clear as truck load after truck load of donations started rolling in. Then a team of Committee members and volunteers rolled up their sleeves and started the arduous task of filtering through the hundreds of bags and overstuffed boxes organizing items into various collections. They included kitchenware, toys, books, clothing, linens, pictures, tools, furniture, lighting, Christmas decor, sports, electronics etc.
The doors finally opened at 4pm on Friday afternoon and the bargain seekers started rolling in and they kept rolling in all Saturday long (oh how they rolled in) and again on Sunday morning until 12pm. Hundreds of shoppers including families, seniors, friends and neighbours crowded in narrow passageways touching and assessing the thousands of assembled items and treasures and some enjoying free coffee and cake! And in the end the great residents of Richmond who donated their valuable treasures and volunteered their time and effort were enormously rewarded with approximately $4000 raised for our 2018 bicentennial celebration. Cydney Green, thank you for your simple suggestion and a big thank you to all the volunteers and donors who made this event a great success.
It should be noted, most remaining items were sent to a local not-for-profit furniture bank while several Christmas, household goods and clothing were also donated to Richmond’s adopted Syrian family. Finally the community thanks Richmond Royal Lepage for sponsoring the complete event covering all it’s associated costs.
Richmond Village Garage Sale Fundraiser a Great Success!

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