New Historical Photo Exhibit at the Richmond Library

A new photo exhibit featuring 8 historical photos of Richmond has opened at the Richmond Public Library.  Produced by the Goulbourn Historical Society, it is one of the ways the Society is helping to celebrate Richmond’s 200th anniversary.  The photo exhibit will hang on the Library’s Artspace wall until the end of June.  There are two laminated information sheets on the filing cabinet underneath the exhibit that tell something of interest about each of the photos.  There is also a display of historical items on open shelves nearby.  The photos come from the Historical Society’s Archives, and the public is most welcome to come and have a look at the exhibit.

Chris King of Your Independent Grocer Supports Richmond 200

Chris King, Owner, King’s Your Independent Grocer

Chris King, owner of King’s Independent represents another local business showing his support for Richmond’s 200th Anniversary. Proudly standing on the 200th Recognition Platform, Chris continues to be one of the most generous supporters of local events and community groups.

The 2018 Organizing Committee wishes to thank Chris for his generous sponsorship of several anniversary events. All other local businesses are encouraged to show their support.

There are still sponsorship opportunities for the June 15-17 weekend celebration. Contact Tino at for details.

Laurysen Kitchens Proudly Sponsor Richmond’s 200th Anniversary

Corey, Mike and Bill Laurysen of Laurysen Kitchens are proudly standing under their logo at the recently expanded 2018 Recognition Platform.

A major contributor and supporter of Richmond’s bi-centennial Laurysen Kitchens has grown from crafting custom cabinets to providing complete design and installation services since 1970. 

The 2018 Organizing Committee wishes to thank Laurysen Kitchens for their generous sponsorship and support to the village. 

For anniversary or event sponsorships contact Tino at

To purchase 2018 memorabilia visit the store at Royal Lepage Team Realty Office at 3441 McBean Street, Richmond.

Help Us Present and Preserve Your Richmond Photos, Memorabilia, and Historical Artifacts

Village of Richmond, Ontario.

Richmond’s 200th Anniversary Organizing Committee is making a special appeal to community members to help display the village’s history, and preserve it for future generations.

We are looking  to you to lend or donate photos, memorabilia, and historical artifacts associated with Richmond. We will document everything to make certain you get your prized possessions back.

The items will be part of a display during the June 15-17 celebration weekend, including on a large screen display board that will provide a constant feed of historical photos for the public to watch.

Items, or documentation of them, will be donated to the Goulbourn Museum and Goulbourn Township Historical Society, as well as an extensive compilation depicting our  June weekend celebration for the next party and years to come.


Contact Marg Sadler at 613-838-2457 Or Cydney Green at 613-838-4858 to make arrangements.


As soon as possible, the clock is ticking.

200th Anniversary Recognition Platform Repaired

Recent strong winds created a major calamity for the Richmond 200 Organizing Committee but thankfully the call for help was answered by two local volunteers…..pictured below Richard Waterfall (L) and Rick Lefebvre.

They came with their tools and general know how to help Tino Bevacqua resurrect the damaged platform. Three hours later the platform was returned to most of its previous glory except for a few nicks and bruises!

The Organizing Committee thanks the two Rick’s for stepping up and demonstrating how great our Richmond neighbours truly are.