Launch Event: April 30, 2016!


Get Ready Richmond!

In 2018, Richmond turns 200 years young! The Richmond 200th Anniversary Organizing Committee, under the direction of Cydney Green, has been planning events of epic proportions to make 2018 a year to remember!

On Saturday, April 30th, 2016 at 11:00AM, the committee will be hosting a launch event at the corner of Perth St and Huntley Rd. The ceremony will include an overview of upcoming events, the unveiling of the official 200th celebration logo, as well as honorary guests. Please join us for our outdoor event, followed by an indoor luncheon upstairs at the Richmond Memorial Community Centre. Cash donations would be appreciated for attending the luncheon. All donations will be put towards the celebrations in 2018. Be the first to purchase the exciting new merchandise which will be available!

Everyone is welcome!

For more information, please visit our website . We also can be found on Facebook at

Ottawa Community News Article: July 23, 2015

Richmond Anniversary Planning Continues
John Curry


Planning continues regarding events to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of Richmond in 1818.

The weekend of Friday, June 15, Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17, 2018 is being targeted as time when most of the events will be held. There will be some events in the time leading up to this 200th anniversary weekend but the main focus will be on this June 15-June 17, 2018 weekend.

An organizing committee involving representatives from seven groups – Richmond Village Association, Goulbourn Township Historical Society, Richmond Agricultural Society, Richmond District Lions Club, Richmond Branch 625 of the Royal Canadian Legion, Goulbourn Museum and Goulbourn Kiwanis Club – has been formed and is meeting on a regular, more or less quarterly basis, to direct the planning.

A primary focus right now is the arrange funding for the celebrations.  A goal of $100,000 has been set, with the fundraising to be focused on three areas: government (municipal, provincial and federal) grants, corporate donations and grassroots donations and fundraising.

A bank account for the 200th anniversary celebrations has been opened at the TD Canada Trust Branch in Richmond, with the Richmond Village Association (RVA) making the initial deposit of $2,000. The RVA is planning to contribute $2,000 per year towards the celebrations for a total donation of $8,000 by the time of the celebrations in 2018.

A dedicated website for these Richmond 200th anniversary celebrations will soon be up and running.  A logo for these 200th anniversary celebrations will be developed soon.

Richmond hosted major celebrations in 1968 marking the 150th anniversary of the founding of the community. There were also celebrations in 1978 for the 160th anniversary and again in 1993 for the 175th anniversary.

Ottawa Community News Article: February 5, 2015

Early planning for Richmond’s 200th anniversary

Ottawa Communitiy News: February 5, 2015

John Curry


A gala “black tie” dance and a massive ceremony renewing wedding vows that might gain recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records are among the event ideas being considered in the early planning for Richmond’s 200th anniversary celebrations in 2018.

The Richmond 2018 Anniversary Celebration Committee held its second working meeting since its formation on Thursday, Jan. 29 at the Goulbourn Museum, going over a list of suggested and possible events to be held to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Richmond’s founding in 1818.

A “black tie” dance with a suggested attendance of 500 people and a renewal of wedding vows ceremony presided over by Richmond’s clergy that might attract many participants, perhaps enough for an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, are just two of the events being considered.

There’s lots more – a genealogy workshop, walking tours of Richmond, carnival activities, a performance by the RCMP musical ride, a lumberjack demonstration, an antique car show, a military band concert, a parade, a drama presentation, a fiddling and step dancing show, a fireworks display, an appearance by the Ontario Provincial Police Golden Helmets motorcycle team, a helicopter repelling demonstration, a pancake breakfast, a 10K run and a craft and gift show.

There is also the suggestion of an historical re-enactment encampment, perhaps at the Jock River Park. The site is going to be examined to determine if it would work as the site for such an encampment and just how extensive such an encampment could be.

A fashion show featuring both current and historical clothing is another event that is being considered.

Most of these events would be held on the weekend of June 15-17, 2018 although some events might take place throughout the month of June or perhaps at other times in the year.

The committee is trying to establish a proposed schedule of events and costs related to them so that it can pursue its fundraising activities for the celebrations. Early projections foresee a budget ranging from $50,000 to $75,000. Grants and corporate sponsorships are being viewed as the sources of funds for the celebrations.

The committee is also discussing in a very preliminary way what might be an appropriate legacy project that might result from these 200th anniversary celebrations.

These range from a clock tower at Memorial Park to development of a mountain bike park on a site behind the Richmond Legion Hall to a building with community meeting and activity space.

The Richmond Village Association (RVA), one of the seven community groups with representatives on this 2018 Anniversary Celebration Committee, will be posting information on its website seeking volunteers who wish to be involved with these 200th anniversary celebrations and also seeking any ideas about events or activities that could be held as part of the celebrations.

There are also plans to have a 200th anniversary logo and song and ideas are needed about how to proceed with such an initiative. The seven community organizations who have representatives on this Richmond 2018 Anniversary Celebration Committee include the Goulbourn Township Historical Society, the Goulbourn Museum, the Richmond Agricultural Society, the Richmond Legion, the Richmond Village Association, the Goulbourn Kiwanis Club and the Richmond District Lions Club.

Judy Wagdin of Richmond is chairing this Richmond 2018 Anniversary Celebration Committee.

Ottawa Community News Article: October 30, 2014

Less than 1,200 days until Richmond’s 200th anniversary year

Ottawa Community News: October 30, 2014

John Curry


The countdown has begun and so has the planning.

It is just 1,156 days or so until the year 2018, Richmond’s 200th anniversary year.

And already the planning for special celebrations to mark the occasion has begun, with a second meeting to brain storm and begin planning for these celebrations taking place on Thursday, Oct. 23. This was a follow up to an initial meeting held two months ago to get the ball rolling on planning 200th anniversary celebrations for Richmond.

One of the initial actions being undertaken is to develop a web presence which will probably be a special section on the Richmond Village Association’s website. It is felt that this web presence is needed before action can be begun in the community on creating a logo and perhaps even a song for the 200th anniversary. A discussion about how ideas can be generated in the community for a possible logo will take place at the next meeting of the committee which has now been formed to facilitate the planning of the 200th anniversary celebrations for Richmond.

There is also talk of having special street banners for the anniversary year, much like the “My Winter Wonderland” banners which are created each year for display leading up to Christmas and beyond.

The committee is now trying to nail down estimated costs for various suggested activities and events in the year 2018 in Richmond so that financial figures can be determined in preparation for applying for any grants available and to begin fundraising including lining up corporate sponsors.

Tino Bevacqua, president of the Richmond Village Association (RVA), told those at the Oct. 23 meeting that the RVA hopes to put aside $2,000 a year in its coming annual budgets so that it will have a minimum of at least $6,000 to contribute to the funding of the celebrations.

These celebrations right now are being considered to happen mainly on the weekend of

June 15-15, 2018. A whole host of activities and events have been suggested, with some preliminary action taken on some of them. These include walking tours of Richmond with costumed interpreters at the various stops along the route; a military band concert featuring the Central Band of the armed forces; a performance by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police musical ride; a parade; a drama presentation or play written about Richmond’s history; a fiddle and stepdancing event; a magic show; performances by local bands; a Saturday night dance; a gala bingo; a fireworks display; a celebrity ball game; old fashioned games for children; a performance by the OPP Golden Helmets motorcycle team; an historic encampment with re-enactors depicting the 1818 time frame; display of some of the artifacts uncovered in a recent archeological dig in Richmond which are now in the possession of the Goulbourn Museum; heritage crafts for youngsters; a pancake breakfast; a BBQ and possible church luncheons and dinners; a beer garden at the arena; a 10K run or triathlon; a craft and gift show; and art show; a fashion show featuring period fashions; a quilt display; an art show; a genealogy workshop; visits by the Duke of Richmond t local schools; a memorabilia exhibit; a horse pull, and an antique car show.

“Everything’s a maybe at this stage of the game,” said Judy Wagdin, chair of the planning committee, at the Oct. 23 meeting when discussing all of the suggested events and activities.

There was some talk about a possible legacy project that might flow from these 200th anniversary celebrations. Suggestions include new community space, a splash pad or a clock tower at Memorial Park.

Another aspect of these celebrations may be the creation of one or more murals for the Heritage Mural Gallery on the exterior of the Richmond Memorial Community Centre (arena). Each mural costs about $8,000 to create. Currently the RVA has about $4,000 in a special mural fund.