Thank you to the Richmond’s 200th Anniversary Committee and Richmond Area Quilter’s Guild for their sponsorship of this project.


Oh, The Tales They Can Tell…. Stories of Richmond quilts and those who made them

The stories of our quilts tell the history of the community. As part of Richmond’s 200 year celebrations we are inviting residents who own quilts made before 1970 to bring them on Friday April 20th 2018 (also Saturday if there is a need) to St Andrews Church Hall, 3529 McBean St, Richmond to have the quilt stories documented to record some of the history of our early residents and their families.

Using a series of questions, the owner will be asked to tell the “story” of their quilt, as much as they know of the person who made it, why and when it was made, the family history of the quilt maker, the family occupation etc. If you have photos relating to the quilt and maker, they would be a great addition to the story.   A photograph will be taken of the quilt. Bethany Garner is a member of the Eastern Ontario Documentation Project (EOQDP) and will be on hand to examine the fabric and design of the quilt from which the approximate age and name of the quilt pattern can be determined.  These quilt stories trace the history of the community and the fascinating glimpses into the past that they provide are lost if they are not documented and kept within the community.  It is important to preserve the historical distinctiveness of our rural community as it rapidly grows and is absorbed into the mega city of Ottawa so that the history and uniqueness of our rural area is not lost.  There are several community organisations whose members have old quilts in their possession, it is important to preserve their stories.

Documentation projects are conducted in many areas of Ontario, and in other countries, in particular the United States and Great Britain.  Documentation of quilts traces the history of the community’s earliest settlers and their occupations, they document local events or tragedies where people came together and shared the warmth of a quilt, for example Red Cross quilts sent to Manitoba during droughts in the 1900’s and more recently many quilts sent to victims of floods and forest fires, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Hay River etc.  Our Richmond quilt stories will become part of the Eastern Ontario Documentation Project, started in 2005 and to date has documented over 460 quilts.

We are interested in all quilts, no matter how worn and loved, but especially those that may have been made in Richmond in the early days of settlement, brought here from other areas or quilts made by community groups for special events or gifts.

If you have a quilt or several in your family cupboards, please contact me with your email address and I will send a form to complete and bring with your quilt on April 20th.  The form will be mailed if you do not have email. You will be given a time to come

St. Andrew’s Hall with your quilt so that you have less waiting (the process will take about 20-30 mins). A volunteer will go over the form with you to add any other information, a photograph will be taken of the quilt and a label sewn to the back to register it as part of the EOQDP.

There is a fee of $5 per quilt, $15 for 4 quilts from same family payable on the 20th April.

Please keep a copy of your form for your records and you are welcome to take your own photos of the quilt.

All the information we collect will be registered with the EOQDP, shared with Richmond Area Quilters Guild and Goulbourn Township Historical Society.

On Wednesday April 18th there will be a presentation by Bethany Garner to the Richmond Guild about quilt documentation. 7 pm, Richmond Legion Hall, 6430, Ottawa St. There is a $5 fee for non-members. 

On Thursday April 19th there will be a workshop session to tell more about the history of quilts and documentation, persons wishing to volunteer on documentation day should attend and others interested are welcome. There is no charge and the event will be in the Richmond Library basement room from 10am to 4pm. RSVP if you are interested in attending this session.

To register your quilt(s) with this project please email or phone for the documentation forms,

I am looking forward to seeing your quilts!

Alison Tranter  – 613 838 5347 –  [email protected]

Quilt Documentation Project – We Need Your Antique Quilts!